Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clarkston Public Access Channel

Independence Township has recently hired Joseph Barnhart, formerly with the Michigan State University public television channel to be the Program Manager for the Independence Township Community Access station (CPAC or Clarkston Public Access Center).
The public access channel is funded by PEG fee charges on each resident's cable bill whether Comcast or ATT. Each community that has a public access channel, receives revenue from the cable companies. In actuality, residents pay the fees and the cable companies pass them on to communities. Historically, when cable companies first approached communities to lay cable lines in the community, they funded a public access station for the community which they operated. This changed in the 1990s and the governmental units or a non-profit 501 3 c have taken over the stations. Independence Township operates their station, while Lake Orion and Waterford have a non-profit 501 3 C operate their township station.

PEG fees, by law are to be used only to purchase equipment for operating the station. All labor costs and other costs are born by the municipality or non-profit.

The community access station can be a vehicle to transmit information to the Clarkston/Independence Township community about activities happening in the community. Each year, the Fourth of July parade is filmed and played on the channel. Parks and Recreation as well as Senior Center activities are programmed on the channel. The Independence Township board meetings are broadcast each week.

Non profit organizations provide many active and worthwhile events during the year and the community television access channel can be a conduit to let the public know. Church services appear on the station. St. Trinity Lutheran Church is a long time producer of programs on the public access channel.

Think how your organization can utilize CPAC to inform and entertain the community.

The Clarkston Public Access Channel or CPAC needs volunteers to learn to film activities in the community. If you've been interested in television production, give them a call at 248 673 9581.

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